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Bell 407

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Latest news
07/06/2018   United Rotorcraft receives China CAAC validation for Bell 407
10/04/2018   NAC's million rand Bell 407 upgrade pays off for Eastern Cape
26/02/2018   Bell launches new Bell 407GXi
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Typical passenger capacity: 5
Typical range: 330nm Cruise speed: 128 kts
Production dates: 1996 - current
Typical price: $1,200,000 to $2,900,000 pre-owned. 407GXP $3,115,000 new
Includes 407GX, 407GXP and 407GXi
See also: 205 , 206 JetRanger , 206L LongRanger , 212 , 214 , 222 , 230 , 412 , 427 , 429 , 430 , 505 Jet Ranger X , 525 Relentless
Engines: Rolls-Royce 250-C28 Series

Charter operators

Argentina Patagonia Chopper
Australia Bankstown Helicopters , Hevilift Group , Nautilus Aviation , Truenorth Helicopters
Bangladesh Bangla International Airlines , Meghna Aviation
Belize Astrum Helicopters
Brazil Aero Taxi Marinete , Lug Taxi Aereo
Canada Universal Helicopters
Chile Aerocord , Helicopteros del Pacifico , Nomads of the Seas , Platinum Helicopters , Servicios Aereos San Esteban
China Bei Da Huang General Aviation Company , Beijing Tian Xin Al General Aviation Co. Ltd. , Chongqing General Aviation , DANA Ltd. , Guangzhou Suilian Helicopter General Aviation , Reignwood Star General Aviation , Shandong General Aviation Services Ltd. , Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation , Yunnan General Aviation Utility Ltd.
Costa Rica Prestige Wings
Dominican Republic Helidosa
Ecuador SAEREO
Ethiopia Abyssinian Flight Services
Germany Heliteam Sud , HHS Hanseatic Helicopter Service
Greece Superior Air
Guatemala Helicopteros de Guatemala
Iceland Helicopter Service of Iceland
India Aerotech Aviation India , Air Charter Services , Aryan Aviation , Bajaj Aviation , BG Shirke Aviation Chartering Division , Chipsan Aviation , King Rotors and Air Charter , Premair , Reliance Transport & Travel , Span Air , Summit Aviation
Indonesia Air Pacific , Heli SGI/Air Bali , Jhonlin Air Transport
Italy Elicompany , Giana Helicopter
Jamaica Airways International
Japan Shin-nihon Helicopter
Latvia Baltijas Helikopters
Malaysia Systematic Aviation Services
Namibia Namibia Helicopter Services
Nepal Simrik Air
New Zealand Gisborne Helicopters, Ltd.
Nigeria Bristow Helicopters of Nigeria , Pan African Airlines
Papua New Guinea Heli Niugini , Heli Solutions , Helifix , Islands Nationair , Niugini Helicopters , South West Air
Philippines Air Juan Aviation , PhilJets
Poland General Aviation Services Sp. z.o.o.
Russia Helidrive
Singapore Hevilift
South Africa Base 4 Aviation , Capital Air , Henley Air , King Shaka Aviation , MCC Aviation , NAC National Airways Corporation , Starlite Aviation
South Korea HeliKorea
Sweden Roslagens Helikopterflyg
Switzerland Airport Helicopter , Alpinlift Helikopter , CHS Central Helicopter Services
Turkey Genel Havacilik/General Aviation Center , Kocoglu Aviation/Skyline Transportation , Sancak Air
U.K. Top Flight Helicopters
U.S.A. Paradise Helicopters Hawaii
Venezuela Aerotecnica

Maintenance centres

Argentina Servicios Helicenter
Australia Eagle Copters Australasia , Hawker Pacific , Heli-Centre Australia , Kareela Aviation , Sikorsky Helitech , Skytek , South West Aviation
Austria Aircraft Service GmbH , TK-Heli Maintenance
Belgium Air Technology Belgium
Brazil Helipark Taxi Aereo , Helisul Taxi Aereo , Lider Aviacao , Lider Aviacao , Lider Aviacao , Ultra-Rev
Chile Eagle Copters South America
China Chongqing General Aviation , H&P General Aviation Service , Zhenjiang Aerochine Aviation
Colombia Helicentro
Costa Rica Aerobell Service Center
Czech Republic Bell/Textron Aviation Service Center
Ecuador Aeromaster Airways
France Rotor & Aircraft SA
Germany Helitec Helicopter Technik , InterCopter , LGM Luftfahrt , Motorflug Baden-Baden
Greece Superior Air
Guatemala AVESA
Iceland Atlantsflug - ATF Maintenance
India Air Charter Services , Air Works India Engineering , Bird ExecuJet Airport Services , Deccan Charters , Indamer Aviation , OSS Air Management , Pawan Hans Helicopters , Shaurya Aeronautics , Summit Aviation , Swajas Air Charters
Indonesia PT Kalimasada Pusaka
Israel CHIM-NIR Aviation Services & Airways
Italy Freeair Helicopters
Japan Nakanihon Air Service
Malaysia Systematic Aviation Services
New Zealand Hawker Pacific NZ
Nigeria Caverton Helicopters
Panama Helicopteros y Servicios de Panama , Helidesa
Papua New Guinea Heli Niugini
Philippines Asian Aerospace Corporation , Hawker Pacific Asia
Puerto Rico Ecolift Corporation
Republic of Ireland Helicopter Support Ireland
Russia AeroGeo , Citicopter , Kazan Aviation Enterprise , Ural Works of Civil Aviation
Singapore Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace)
South Africa Capital Air , Emperor Aviation , MCC Aviation , NAC National Airways Corporation , Precision Aviation Services , Starlite Aviation , Superior Rotorworks
Spain Babcock Mission Critical Services Espana
Sweden Patria Helicopters
Switzerland Swiss Helicopter Maintenance
Taiwan Air Asia Company
Turkey Genel Havacilik/General Aviation Center , Sancak Air , Skyline Technic and Maintenance
U.K. Brian Seedle Helicopters , Heli Air , Heli Charter , Helimech , Heliwork Services , Multiflight
Venezuela Aerotecnica S.A.

TRTO training providers

Austria Hubi-Fly Helikopter
Germany Heliteam Sud , LGM Luftfahrt , Reibel Air Service
Greece Superior Air
Italy Freeair Helicopters
Spain Babcock Mission Critical Services Espana
Sweden Proflight Nordic
Switzerland Swiss Helicopter School Association
Turkey Sancak Air
U.K. Heli Air , Starspeed Training , Tiger Helicopters


U.S.A. Bell, a Textron Company

New aircraft sales

Afghanistan Aerotron (Pakistan)
Albania Rotsas International (Bulgaria)
Algeria Africair (U.S.A.)
Angola Africair (U.S.A.)
Anguilla Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Antigua Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Argentina Bell, Modena Helicopteros
Armenia Loyd's Aviation Group (Russia)
Aruba Aerohelicopteros (Venezuela)
Australia Bell Asia (Singapore), Hawker Pacific
Austria AAS Sales
Azerbaijan Loyd's Aviation Group (Russia)
Bahamas Bell (U.S.A.), Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Bahrain Jet Aviation (Hawker Pacific Airservices) (United Arab Emirates), Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Bangladesh Bell Asia (Singapore)
Barbados Helitaxi (Jamaica)
Belgium Laden & Associates
Belize Bell (U.S.A.), Distribuidora Piper (Guatemala)
Benin Africair (U.S.A.)
Bermuda Helitaxi (Jamaica)
Bhutan Bell Asia (Singapore)
Bolivia Aviation Marketing Group (U.S.A.), Bell (U.S.A.)
Botswana NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Brazil TAM Aviacao Executiva
British Virgin Islands Bell (U.S.A.)
Brunei Bell Asia (Singapore)
Bulgaria Rotsas International
Burkina Faso Africair (U.S.A.)
Burundi Africair (U.S.A.)
Cameroon Africair (U.S.A.)
Cayman Helitaxi (Jamaica)
Central African Republic Africair (U.S.A.)
Chad Africair (U.S.A.)
Chile Bell (U.S.A.), Eagle Copters South America
China Aerochine Aviation, Bell Asia (Singapore), Heliflite China, Reignwood Group
Colombia Alfonso Jaramillo y Cia, Bell (U.S.A.)
Comoros NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Congo Africair (U.S.A.)
Cook Islands Bell Asia (Singapore)
Costa Rica Bell (U.S.A.), Distribuidora Piper (Guatemala), GME Aviation Services
Croatia Panorama-Invest
Curacao Aerohelicopteros (Venezuela)
Cyprus K.P. Parpas Enterprises
Czech Republic HEMI Ltd.
Dem Rep of Congo Africair (U.S.A.)
Djibouti Africair (U.S.A.)
Dominica Bell (U.S.A.), Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico), Servicios Aereos Dominicanos (Dominican Republic)
Dominican Republic Bell (U.S.A.), Servicios Aereos Dominicanos
Ecuador Bell (U.S.A.), SAEREO - Servicios Aereos Ejecutivos
Egypt Africair (U.S.A.)
El Salvador Bell (U.S.A.), Distribuidora Piper (Guatemala)
Equatorial Guinea Africair (U.S.A.)
Eritrea Africair (U.S.A.)
Estonia JB Investments (Poland)
Ethiopia Africair (U.S.A.)
Fiji Bell Asia (Singapore)
Finland HeliFlight AB (Sweden)
France Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico), HeliDeal
French Guiana Instant Security Service (Guyana)
French Polynesia Bell Asia (Singapore)
Gabon Africair (U.S.A.)
Gambia Africair (U.S.A.)
Georgia Loyd's Aviation Group (Russia)
Ghana Africair (U.S.A.)
Greece KRAMA
Grenada Helitaxi (Jamaica)
Guadeloupe Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Guam Bell Asia (Singapore)
Guatemala Bell (U.S.A.), Distribuidora Piper
Guinea Africair (U.S.A.), Bell Asia (Singapore), Hawker Pacific (Australia)
Guinea-Bissau Africair (U.S.A.)
Guyana Bell (U.S.A.), Instant Security Service
Haiti Bell (U.S.A.), Servicios Aereos Dominicanos (Dominican Republic)
Honduras Bell (U.S.A.), Distribuidora Piper (Guatemala)
Hong Kong Aerochine Aviation (China), Bell Asia (Singapore)
India Bell Asia (Singapore), Bell Helicopter Textron India, Jubilant Enpro
Indonesia Bell Asia (Singapore), PT Kalimasada Pusaka
Iraq BGS Corporation (United Arab Emirates)
Israel A.D. Aviation & Development Corporation
Ivory Coast Africair (U.S.A.)
Jamaica Bell (U.S.A.), Helitaxi
Japan Mitsui Bussan Aerospace
Jordan BGS Corporation (United Arab Emirates), Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Kampuchea Asian Aviation Resources (Singapore), Bell Asia (Singapore), BHSS Specialized Sale and Service (Cambodia)
Kazakhstan Jet Transfer (Russia)
Kenya Africair (U.S.A.)
Kiribati Bell Asia (Singapore)
Korea Bell Asia (Singapore)
Kuwait BGS Corporation (United Arab Emirates), National Contracts Group, Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Laos Asian Aviation Resources (Singapore), Bell Asia (Singapore)
Latvia Baltijas Helikopters, JB Investments (Poland)
Lebanon BGS Corporation (United Arab Emirates), Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Lesotho NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Liberia Africair (U.S.A.)
Libya Africair (U.S.A.)
Liechtenstein Deep Blue Technology (Switzerland)
Lithuania JB Investments (Poland)
Luxembourg Laden & Associates (Belgium)
Macau Aerochine Aviation (China), Bell Asia (Singapore)
Macedonia Rotsas International (Bulgaria)
Madagascar Africair (U.S.A.), NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Malawi NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Malaysia Bell Asia (Singapore), Systematic Aviation Services
Maldives Bell Asia (Singapore), Infotechs (Sri Lanka)
Mali Africair (U.S.A.)
Marshall Islands Bell Asia (Singapore)
Martinique Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Mauritania Africair (U.S.A.)
Mauritius Africair (U.S.A.)
Micronesia Bell Asia (Singapore)
Mongolia Bell Asia (Singapore)
Montserrat Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Morocco Africair (U.S.A.)
Mozambique NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Myanmar Asian Aviation Resources (Singapore), Bell Asia (Singapore)
Namibia NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Nauru Bell Asia (Singapore)
Nepal Avco International, Bell Asia (Singapore)
Netherlands Vimac Consultancy
New Caledonia Bell Asia (Singapore), Hawker Pacific (Australia)
New Zealand Bell Asia (Singapore), Hawker Pacific (Australia)
Nicaragua Bell (U.S.A.), Distribuidora Piper (Guatemala)
Niger Africair (U.S.A.)
Nigeria Africair (U.S.A.)
Niue Bell Asia (Singapore)
Northern Marianas Bell Asia (Singapore)
Oman ICCO (Romania), Indes Aviation (Romania), Jet Aviation (Hawker Pacific Airservices) (United Arab Emirates), Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Pakistan Aerotron
Palau Bell Asia (Singapore)
Panama Bell (U.S.A.), Helicopteros y Servicios de Panama
Papua New Guinea Bell Asia (Singapore), Hawker Pacific (Australia)
Paraguay Bell (Argentina), Modena Helicopteros (Argentina)
Peru Aeroconsult, Aviation Marketing Group (U.S.A.), Bell (U.S.A.)
Philippines Bell Asia (Singapore), Serpenair Group
Poland JB Investments
Puerto Rico Bell (U.S.A.), Ecolift Corporation
Qatar Jet Aviation (Hawker Pacific Airservices) (United Arab Emirates), Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Republic of Ireland HelixAv (U.K.)
Reunion Africair (U.S.A.)
Romania ICCO, Indes Aviation
Russia Bell (U.K.), Helidrive, Jet Transfer, Loyd's Aviation Group
Rwanda Africair (U.S.A.)
Saba (NL) Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Saint Barthelemy (France) Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Saint Martin (France) Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Sao Tome & Principe Africair (U.S.A.)
Saudi Arabia Wallan Aviation
Senegal Africair (U.S.A.)
Seychelles Africair (U.S.A.)
Sierra Leone Africair (U.S.A.)
Singapore Asian Aviation Resources, Bell Asia
Sint Eustatius (NL) Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Sint Maarten Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Slovakia HEMI Ltd. (Czech Republic)
Solomon Islands Bell Asia (Singapore), Hawker Pacific (Australia)
Somalia Africair (U.S.A.)
South Africa NAC National Airways Corporation
South Korea Bell Asia (Singapore)
South Sudan Africair (U.S.A.)
Spain WIRESA - Wilmer Representaciones
Sri Lanka Bell Asia (Singapore), Infotechs
St Kitts & Nevis Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
St Lucia Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico), Helitaxi (Jamaica)
St Vincent Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico)
Sudan Africair (U.S.A.)
Suriname Bell (U.S.A.), Instant Security Service (Guyana)
Swaziland NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Sweden HeliFlight AB
Switzerland Deep Blue Technology
Taiwan Bell Asia (Singapore)
Tanzania Africair (U.S.A.), NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
Thailand Bell Asia (Singapore)
Togo Africair (U.S.A.)
Tonga Bell Asia (Singapore)
Trinidad & Tobago Ecolift Corporation (Puerto Rico), Helitaxi (Jamaica)
Tunisia Africair (U.S.A.)
Turkey Saran Aviation
Tuvalu Bell Asia (Singapore)
U.K. Bell, HelixAv
U.S.A. Africair, Aviation Marketing Group, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, a Textron Company
Uganda Africair (U.S.A.), NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)
United Arab Emirates BGS Corporation, Jet Aviation (Hawker Pacific Airservices), Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Uruguay Bell (Argentina), Modena Helicopteros (Argentina)
Vanuatu Bell Asia (Singapore)
Venezuela Aerohelicopteros, Bell (U.S.A.)
Vietnam Bell Asia (Singapore)
Western Samoa Bell Asia (Singapore)
Yemen Wallan Aviation (Saudi Arabia)
Zambia Africair (U.S.A.)
Zimbabwe NAC National Airways Corporation (South Africa)


Aircraft specifications, fleet and value data compiled from a number of sources, including those published by Conklin & de Decker Aviation Information and Vref Aircraft Value Reference.


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Professional, safe and efficient handling. Your definitive choice at Copenhagen (CPH), Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) and Stockholm Bromma (BMA) airports.
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