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DART Helicopter Services announces EASA certification of DART pre-flight safety access kits for Bell 206 and 407 series helicopters

September 15, 2010:

DART Helicopter Services is pleased to announce that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received FAA, Transport Canada and EASA approval of their new Pre-Flight Safety Access Kits for the Bell 206 A/B/L/L1/L3/L4 and Bell 407 series of helicopters.

The DART Pre-Flight Safety Access Kits for the Bell 206 series consist of two Pre-Flight Folding Steps, four Step/Handles and (when requested) a Retention Strap for the aft baggage door. The DART Pre-Flight Safety Access Kits allow the pilot and maintenance personnel to have easier access to the transmission and rotor system for pre-flight inspections without using ladders or stepping directly on the cabin roof which can potentially cause damage.

The Pre-Flight Folding Steps install in the lower fuselage and the Step/Handles install above the cabin doors; both feature a non-slip embossed relief pattern for added personnel safety and a machined design for additional durability. When not in use, the steps may be folded up against the fuselage. The Step/Handles provide a convenient handhold and a flat stepping surface to ease access during inspections and maintenance.

Also available upon request, the Baggage Door Retention Strap and Baggage Door Opener prevent damage to the baggage door from contact with the Pre-Flight Step.

All components may be painted to match the helicopter's color scheme.

Product Benefits:

• Protects aircraft from damage during inspections and maintenance

• Non-slip embossed relief pattern

• Allows safe access to the transmission and rotor system

"DART is pleased to have again expanded its product offering with another cost effective solution. Damage to expensive helicopter fuselage components can be easily avoided by installing the DART Pre-Flight Safety Access Kit." Quote Bill Beckett, General Manager, DART Aerospace Ltd.

Press release issued by DART Aerospace.


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