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Avjet Routing ITP - United Arab Emirates
Avjet Routing is an UAE-based renowned provider of flight support services. Through our offices in most strategic locations and our global professional network, we can provide the highest standard of flight support services worldwide.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive ground handling arrangements.
  • Overflight and landing permits.
  • Economical fuel supply.
  • Flight planning, weather report and many more.

Our aim is to reach the pinnacle of our client’s satisfaction by providing reliable services and attention to all requirements.


Providing quality refuelling services is imperative to us. We cater to clients' fuel requirements at any airport worldwide, supplying Avgas and Jet A1 at unbeatable rates.
Flight Support
Serving clients at every point on their journey, AvJet Routing's dedicated team provides over-flight and landing clearance permits, comprehensive ground handling arrangements, and fuel uplifts from start to finish.
Aeromedical Services
Throughout our global network, you will receive the highest level of care and professional services. At a short notice, our ambulance team will obtain permits, arrange ground services, file flight plans, and forward weather and NOTAMs reports.
Charter Brokers
Making sure that your travel experience is enjoyable and up to the highest standards is our priority. From the time you schedule your flight until you arrive at your destination, every facet of your trip is covered.
We offer a broad spectrum of weather text and graphic services. With AvJet Routing, you can fly with confidence, knowing that our global support is never out of reach.

Company data

Telephone: +971 6 518 0000 Fax: +971 6 518 0001
Email: Web:
Facebook: avjetrouting Twitter: Avjet_Routing

Company news releases

Avjet Routing celebrates 10th anniversary
Avjet Routing Flight Support and UAERO China announce history making project
Evergreen Apple Nigera (EAN) named as preferred ground handler by Avjet Routing
Avjet Routing looks forward to strong growth in 2011

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Serving clients at every point on their journey, Avjet Routing's dedicated team provides over-flight and landing clearance permits, comprehensive ground handling arrangements, and fuel uplifts from start to finish.
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