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Airbus Helicopters EC135

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Latest news
18/03/2015   Aerial Power Lines orders two H135s from Airbus Helicopters
05/03/2015   Avpro sales at HAI Heli-Expo 2015
04/03/2015   Norsk Luftambulanse orders three Airbus Helicopters H135s to expand medical airlift service provider's rotorcraft fleet
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Typical passenger capacity: 5
Typical range: 254 - 262nm Cruise speed: 140 - 141 kts
Production dates: 1997 - current
Typical price: $1,600,000 to $4,800,000 pre-owned. EC135P2e/T2e $5,298,000 new
Includes EC135 P1, P2, T1 and T2. Known as H135 since March 2015
See also: AS332 Super Puma , AS350 Ecureuil , AS355 Ecureuil II/Twin Squirrel , AS365 Dauphin II , EC120B Colibri , EC130B , EC145 , EC155B , EC175 , H160

Charter operators

Australia Azure Helicopters , HNZ Australia , Microflite Helicopter Services
Austria Christophorus-Flugrettungsverein , Flymed , SHS Helicopter Transporte , Wucher Helicopter
Azerbaijan Silk Way Helicopter Services
Brazil Helibarra Taxi Aereo , OMNI T‡xi Aˇreo , Ultra-Planna Taxi Aereo
Chile Aero Andina , DAP Helicopteros
China Beijing Capital Helicopter , Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation
Colombia Sicher Helicopters
Czech Republic Alfa - Helicopter , DSA a.s.
Denmark Air Alsie , Uni-Fly
Egypt Petroleum Air Services
Finland Skargardshavets Helikoptertjanst
France Helicopteres de France , INAER Helicopter France , Mont Blanc Helicoptere , SAF Helicopteres
Germany ADAC Luftrettung , Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht , DL Helicopter , EichsfeldAir , HSD Hubschrauber-Sonderdienst. , HTM Helicopter Travel Munich
India Airmid Aviation Services , Global Vectra Helicorp , Prabhatam Aviation
Indonesia National Utility Helicopters
Israel CHIM-NIR Aviation Services & Airways
Italy Elifriulia , Elitaliana , Inaer Aviation Italia , Star Work Sky
Japan All Nippon Helicopter , Excel Air Service , Hankyu Airlines , Hirata Gakuen , Hokkaido Koku , Honda Airways Company , Mori Building City Air Services , Nakanihon Air Service , Shizuoka Air Commuter , Toho Air Service
Kazakhstan Sky Service
Lesotho MGC Aviation
Malaysia Aerial Power Lines , Hornbill Skyways
Netherlands ANWB Medical Air Assistance
New Zealand North Shore Helicopters
Norway NorCopter , Norsk Luftambulanse , Pegasus Helicopter
Philippines INAEC Aviation
Portugal Heliportugal
Republic of Ireland Irish Helicopters
Romania C&I Corporation
Russia ChelAvia , Gazpromavia , PanH Helicopters
Spain CoyotAir , Heliair Marbella
Sweden Scandinavian Air Ambulance
Switzerland Air Zermatt , Hopitaux Universitaires de Geneve , Lions Air Group , Swiss Air-Ambulance (REGA) , Swiss Helicopter
Thailand Advance Aviation Jet
Turkey Kocoglu Aviation/Skyline , THK Gokcen Aviation
U.K. BIH Onshore Ltd , Bond Air Services , Capital Air Services , GB Helicopters , South Western Helicopters , Specialist Aviation Services , Starspeed

Maintenance centres

Australia Australian Aerospace , Azure Helicopters
Austria Aircraft Service GmbH , Helikopter Air Transport , Wucher HeliTech
Brazil Helibras , Lider Aviacao
Chile Airbus Helicopters (Chile) , CMH - Centro de Mantenimiento para Helicopteros
Czech Republic Alfa - Helicopter , DSA
Denmark Air Service Vamdrup , DAO Aviation , Uni-Fly
Finland Helitech
France HdF Maintenance , Heli-Challenge , MBH Technics , SAF Industries , Sky Maintenance Services
Germany ADAC Luftfahrt Technik , Airbus Helicopters Deutschland , Heli Aviation , InterCopter , Motorflug Baden-Baden
Greece Aeroservices , ICSS , Olympic Aviation
India Indocopters
Italy Adria Air Service , Airgreen , Helicopters Italia
Japan Airbus Helicopters Japan , ANA Aircraft Maintenance , Jamco Corp , Nakanihon Air Service
Kazakhstan Sky Tech
Malaysia Airbus Helicopters Malaysia , Mycopter Aviation Services
Monaco Monacair
New Zealand Australian Aerospace , Heliworks Queenstown Helicopters
Norway Pegasus Helicopter
Panama Heliflight Panama
Philippines Airbus Helicopters Philippines
Poland Heli-One (Poland)
Republic of Ireland Irish Helicopters
Romania Cobrex Trans , Eurocopter Romania
Singapore Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia
Spain Airbus Helicopters Espana , Hispacopter , Intercopters , Viatges Center Vol
Sweden Patria Helicopters
Switzerland Air Zermatt , RUAG Aviation , Swiss Helicopter
Thailand Airbus Helicopters (Thailand)
Turkey ASAL Aerotechnics , Skyline Technic
U.K. Airbus Helicopters UK , AS Aerospace , BIH Onshore Ltd , EBG Helicopters (Sales & Maintenance) , Heli Air , Specialist Aviation Services
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Aviation

TRTO training providers

Czech Republic DSA, a.s.
Finland Finnish Aviation Academy
France Helicopteres de France , Mont Blanc Helicoptere
Germany Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter , Airbus Helicopters Deutschland , Bundespolizei-Fliegergruppe , Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht , HTM Helicopter Travel Munich , Lifeflight
Italy Airgreen , Elifriulia , Inaer Aviation Italia
Lithuania AviaBaltika Aviation
Romania C&I Corporation
Spain Inaer
Sweden Flight Crew Training Sweden
Turkey Skyline Flight Academy
U.K. Airbus Helicopters UK , BIH Onshore Ltd , Bond Training Services , Specialist Aviation Services , Starspeed


France Airbus Helicopters

New aircraft sales

Argentina Helicopteros Marinos
Australia Australian Aerospace
Bahamas Airbus Helicopters (U.S.A.)
Bangladesh Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Belize Beechcraft de Guatemala/Franconaves (Guatemala)
Bermuda Airbus Helicopters (U.S.A.)
Bhutan Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Bolivia Airbus Helicopters (Chile) (Chile)
Brazil Helibras
Brunei Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Bulgaria Airbus Helicopters Romania (Romania)
Chile Airbus Helicopters (Chile)
China Airbus Helicopters China
Costa Rica Beechcraft de Guatemala/Franconaves (Guatemala)
Czech Republic LD Aviation Prague
Denmark Ostnes (Norway)
East Timor Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
El Salvador Beechcraft de Guatemala/Franconaves (Guatemala)
Finland Ostnes (Norway), Savback Helicopters (Sweden)
France Airbus Helicopters
Georgia Airbus Helicopters Romania (Romania)
Guatemala Beechcraft de Guatemala/Franconaves
Honduras Beechcraft de Guatemala/Franconaves (Guatemala)
Hong Kong Airbus Helicopters China (China)
Iceland Ostnes (Norway)
India Airbus Helicopters India, Indocopters
Indonesia Airbus Helicopters Indonesia
Italy Aersud Elicotteri
Japan Airbus Helicopters Japan
Kampuchea Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Laos Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Liechtenstein Europavia (Switzerland)
Macau Airbus Helicopters China (China)
Malaysia Airbus Helicopters Malaysia
Maldives Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Myanmar Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Nepal Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
New Zealand Australian Aerospace
Nicaragua Beechcraft de Guatemala/Franconaves (Guatemala)
Norway Ostnes
Oman Airbus Helicopters Romania (Romania)
Palau Airbus Helicopters Philippines (Philippines)
Panama Beechcraft de Guatemala/Franconaves (Guatemala), Heliflight Panama
Paraguay Helibras (Brazil)
Peru Airbus Helicopters (Chile) (Chile)
Philippines Airbus Helicopters Philippines, Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Poland Heli Invest
Puerto Rico Airbus Helicopters (U.S.A.)
Republic of Ireland Airbus Helicopters UK (U.K.), Atron
Romania Airbus Helicopters Romania
Russia Airbus Helicopters Vostok
Serbia Airbus Helicopters Romania (Romania)
Singapore Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia
Slovakia LD Aviation Prague (Czech Republic)
South Africa Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa
Spain Airbus Helicopters Espana
Sri Lanka Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Sweden Ostnes (Norway), Savback Helicopters
Switzerland Europavia
Taiwan Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Thailand Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)
U.K. Airbus Helicopters UK
U.S.A. Airbus Helicopters
Ukraine Jetlines Aviation
Uruguay Airbus Helicopters (Chile) (Chile), Cofradis
Vietnam Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia (Singapore)


Aircraft specifications, fleet and value data compiled from a number of sources, including those published by Conklin & de Decker Aviation Information and Vref Aircraft Value Reference.


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