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Falcon 5X

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Latest news
20/10/2014   Dassault's Falcon 5X enters ground test phase
03/09/2014   New models help boost in Russian Falcon sales
01/05/2014   Dassault joins central fuselage of new Falcon 5X
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Typical passenger capacity: 8
Typical range: 5,200nm Cruise speed:
Production dates: Currently in production. Certification due 2016
Typical price: $45,000,000 new
See also: Falcon 10/100 , Falcon 20/200 , Falcon 2000 , Falcon 2000 EASy , Falcon 50 , Falcon 7X , Falcon 8X , Falcon 900 , Falcon 900EASy

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France Dassault Aviation

New aircraft sales

Afghanistan Dassault Aviation (France)
Albania Dassault Aviation (France)
Argentina Dassault Falcon Jet Do Brasil (Brazil)
Australia Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Austria Aero-Dienst GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Azerbaijan Dassault Moscow (Russia)
Bahrain Dassault Aviation (France)
Bangladesh Dassault Aviation (France)
Belarus Dassault Moscow (Russia)
Bosnia-Hercegovina Dassault Aviation (France)
Brazil Dassault Falcon Jet Do Brasil
Brunei Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Chile Dassault Falcon Jet Do Brasil (Brazil)
China Avion Pacific, Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
Croatia Dassault Aviation (France)
Cyprus Dassault Aviation (France)
Egypt Dassault Aviation (France)
Estonia Dassault Moscow (Russia)
France Dassault Aviation, Dassault Aviation, Dassault Aviation, Dassault Aviation
French Polynesia Dassault Aviation (France)
Georgia Dassault Moscow (Russia)
Germany Aero-Dienst GmbH & Co. KG
Greece Dassault Aviation (France)
Guinea Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Hong Kong Avion Pacific (China), Dassault Falcon Jet
India Dassault Aviation (France)
Indonesia Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Iran Dassault Aviation (France)
Iraq Dassault Aviation (France)
Italy Dassault Aviation (France)
Japan Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong), Mitsui Bussan Aerospace
Jordan Dassault Aviation (France)
Kampuchea Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Kazakhstan Dassault Moscow (Russia)
Korea Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong)
Kuwait Dassault Aviation (France)
Laos Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Lebanon Dassault Aviation (France)
Lithuania Dassault Moscow (Russia)
Macau Avion Pacific (China), Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong)
Macedonia Dassault Aviation (France)
Malaysia Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet
Malta Dassault Aviation (France)
Monaco Dassault Aviation (France)
Mongolia Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong)
Myanmar Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Nepal Dassault Aviation (France)
New Caledonia Dassault Aviation (France)
New Zealand Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Oman Dassault Aviation (France)
Pakistan Dassault Aviation (France)
Palestine Dassault Aviation (France)
Papua New Guinea Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Paraguay Dassault Falcon Jet Do Brasil (Brazil)
Philippines Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong)
Portugal Dassault Aviation (France)
Qatar Dassault Aviation (France)
Russia Dassault Moscow
Saudi Arabia Dassault Aviation (France)
Serbia Dassault Aviation (France)
Singapore Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Slovenia Dassault Aviation (France)
South Korea Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong)
Spain Dassault Aviation (France)
Sri Lanka Dassault Aviation (France)
Syria Dassault Aviation (France)
Taiwan Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong)
Thailand Dassault Falcon Jet (Malaysia)
Turkmenistan Dassault Moscow (Russia)
Ukraine Dassault Moscow (Russia)
United Arab Emirates Dassault Aviation (France)
Uruguay Dassault Falcon Jet Do Brasil (Brazil)
Uzbekistan Dassault Moscow (Russia)
Vietnam Dassault Falcon Jet (Hong Kong)
Yemen Dassault Aviation (France)


Aircraft specifications, fleet and value data compiled from a number of sources, including those published by Conklin & de Decker Aviation Information and Vref Aircraft Value Reference.


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